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Visual Nutrition & Holistic Eye Care

A young woman is happy in her kitchen, surrounded by healthy foods that help improve ocular health.

In the world of health and wellness, holistic practices are becoming increasingly acknowledged for their comprehensive approach to well-being.  One such area gaining traction is holistic eye care. This method emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle changes combined with regular eye exams to maintain healthy vision and ocular health.   What is Holistic […]

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How Does Neurolens Work?

A young woman smiling and trying on glasses in a store while being assisted by an optician or optometrist

Eyes aren’t just windows to the soul. They’re integral links in the vast network of signals our complex brain receives. When these signals break down, you can start to experience headaches, neck pain, and eye strain. This can be most prevalent when working on screens, resulting in a condition called digital eye strain. Fortunately, Neurolens, […]

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Transitions Lenses Can Make Any Pair of Frames a Great Pair of Sunglasses

Transition lenses – lenses that become darker when exposed to sunlight – are not a new invention. First released in the 1960s, they have become increasingly sophisticated in the five decades since their introduction. Many people require prescription eyeglasses to correct their vision. This same prescription applies to any type of corrective lens, yet many […]

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Conjunctivitis (Red or Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis is caused when the front surface of the eye becomes inflamed, and is commonly associated with an inflammation of the inner eyelid as well. Everything from viruses and bacterial infections to seasonal allergies are the most common causes, however chemical reactions such as swimming in chlorinated water, or encountering eye irritants in household cleaning […]

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