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Have You Experienced Any of the Following?


Itching, Stinging,
or Redness

Burning or
Sore Eyes

Vision Fluctuates Between Blinks

Successful treatment is often NOT achieved with drops alone.
Here at VCC, we curate a treatment protocol specific to YOU in just 3 visits!
Our goal is to get to the root cause, and not just treat your symptoms, but to provide long lasting relief.

Dry Eye Evaluation

Initial Evaluation

Advanced testing targeting your symptoms and evaluation of your lifestyle risk factors, including: medical conditions, medications, diet, supplements, sleep habits, and digital device use.

Review of Results & Plan of Action

A written report is given, and an individualized treatment plan is discussed.

Time to Check In…

Two months later, you will come back to see us for a progress visit and re-evaluation of your eyes.

*Disclaimer: These are specialty services that are scheduled differently. Please call to inquire an appointment.

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Helping You Find Relief

Dry eye is a prevalent eye condition that occurs because the eyes do not produce enough good-quality tears. Good-quality tears play a significant role in keeping your eyes lubricated and comfortable, and without them, uncomfortable dry eye symptoms can develop. If left untreated, dry eye syndrome can lead to bacterial infections, tissue damage, and corneal scarring. Common symptoms of dry eye include:

  • Itchy, burning, or gritty eyes
  • Eye fatigue
  • Eyestrain
  • Blurry or distorted vision
  • Red, irritated eyes

Causes of Dry Eye

A comprehensive eye exam will provide us with the necessary information and context surrounding your symptoms. Common causes of dry eye include:

  • Poor tear quality
  • Lack of tear production
  • Reaction to medication
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Environment factors

Good quality tears keep the eyes feeling lubricated and wash away bacteria and debris. If your tears are not good quality, they may evaporate too quickly. Additionally, if your eyes cannot produce enough tears, your eyes may be unable to eliminate dust and other irritants that can cause discomfort.

The tear film is made up of 3 layers:

  • The lipid (oily) layer, made up primarily of meibum produced by the meibomian glands. This layer prevents tears from evaporating too quickly and helps the tears spread evenly across the eye’s surface.
  • The aqueous (watery) layer, produced by the lacrimal glands, helps keep the eye moistened and repels bacteria.
  • The mucin (mucus) layer, which keeps the tears fastened to the eye.

If you start to experience changes in your eye health or vision, please request an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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