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Why Vision Care Centre

Avenues of Growth: What is Neuro-Visual Training?

Essilor Academy Canada was pleased to have our special guest, Dr. Kiran Ramesh, Neuro-Visual Optometrist speak about a very interesting topic on Neuro-Visual training (Vision Therapy).

Click the link below to view the webinar:

Webinar Video

Patients Are Our Priority

At Vision Care Centre, each team member is involved in your eye care. As such, all of our staff undergo extensive training every year to stay current on the latest developments and the most exciting emerging technology in the vision care field. By placing your needs first, we ensure you the best vision care experience in Scarborough and area.

The complete solution to your eye care needs

We recognize that the visual care field is a very diverse one, allowing for nearly unlimited choice in where to have your vision cared for and where to buy your glasses. We’ve taken every opportunity to create the best experience for our patients. We provide comprehensive eye exams, have visual need solutions (glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, Neuro Visual Training), and provide appropriate tertiary care if required (referrals to best and appropriate specialists). We are always pushing the boundaries of innovation and exceptional service within our clinic, and are known most because of our warm, fun atmosphere!

The Latest Technology

As technology accelerates, from the latest smartphones to the newest computers, vision care needs to keep pace.

At Vision Care Centre, we pride ourselves on having the latest cutting edge vision technology, including digital retinal imaging and multi-point eye scans, which can detect many conditions before they affect your vision.

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Vision Care Centre

Since 2001, Vision Care Centre has been providing Scarborough leading-edge eye care and Optometry services.

You can find us near the intersection of Kingston Rd and Markham Rd, beside the Tim Hortons.

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