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What is Myopia?

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a common vision conditionthat causes poor long-distance vision in your children from a young age.

Myopia can develop for a variety of reasons, but the end result is generally a longer eye shape that focuses light that enters the eye in front of your retina instead of on it, leading to blurry distance vision.

At the Vision Care Centre, we offer myopia control methods such as ortho-k contact lenses, low-dose atropine drops, and multifocal contact lenses. Contact us to schedule your appointment today and help your children enjoy clear, healthy vision.

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Why Is Myopia Control Important?

Myopia is a progressive condition. The higher the prescription, the higher the risk your child has for retinal damage and vision loss down the road.

By actively managing and controlling myopia, we can help reduce the progression of nearsightedness and its associated risks. While standard solutions like eyeglasses and contact lenses can help address the visual challenges caused by myopia, they do not always address the root cause or slow down its progression.

Why Does My Child Have Myopia?

The prevalence of myopia and high myopia are increasing globally at an alarming rate. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 50% of the world’s population may have myopia by 2050. Risks for developing myopia can include:

  • Increased screen time. Children around the world are relying more on digital screens than ever before. Because of this, there may be an added recent effect of screen time.
  • Myopic parents. Myopia has a strong genetic component. If you or your partner have myopia, your child may be at a higher risk of developing the condition.
  • Less time spent outdoors. Studies have shown that more time spent outdoors can help decrease myopia progression.

The Link Between Vision & Learning

When your kids are having trouble with their eyesight, it can impact their daily life at school, including reading from a distance, seeing the board, and participating in sports and other activities. This can lead to stress and confusion, and if left undiagnosed, it may cause them to fall behind their friends.

By seeking professional care and treatment options, such as ortho-k contact lenses, we can work to help your child excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Our Myopia Control Methods

Your child’s sight is precious, and we want to help preserve their long-term visual health. We offer different myopia control methods, including ortho-k contact lenses, atropine drops, and multifocal contact lenses.

Consistent eye exams are also a big part of myopia control, and we encourage our patients to maintain a regular exam schedule for their kids.

Orthokeratology “Ortho-k” Lenses

Ortho-k contact lenses are hard contact lenses worn overnight that gently reshape the front of the eye, slowing down the progression of myopia and helping to reduce their dependence on glasses and contact lenses throughout the day.

This treatment works best for children whose prescription hasn’t progressed too high, so make sure you get your child evaluated early if you think this may be an option for you.

Soft multifocal contact lenses are designed with multiple zones. The central zone corrects the prescription, while the peripheral zones are tailored to alter the way light focuses on the retina, providing a stop signal for excessive eye growth, which is a key factor in myopia progression.

Low-dose atropine is a promising treatment method for children with myopia. Studies have shown that a low dose of atropine in eye drop form can help slow myopia progression in children to reduce the risk of severe nearsightedness.

It’s believed that low-dose atropine drops help by suppressing the eye’s growth to slow myopia progression. This treatment is typically prescribed as a daily drop, administered in the evening before bedtime.

We also offer prescription glasses as a method of myopia control. We offer Stellest lenses by Essilor, which have been clinically proven to slow down the progression of myopia. These lenses provide both myopia correction and control, helping to reduce the risk of further deterioration.

Helping Your Children Manage Myopia

Our team at the Vision Care Centre is invested in your children’s eye health. Myopia can affect every facet of your child’s life, and we strive to be your destination for myopia education and management.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today and gain a better understanding of how myopia can affect your kids.

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