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What are Flashes & Floaters?

Floaters are dark specks in the form of dots, circles, or lines that appear to move across your field of vision. They are most noticeable when you are looking at a light-coloured background, and seem to move when you look in different directions.

Flashes look like flashing lights or lightning streaks in your field of vision. They commonly appear in your peripheral vision and typically only affect 1 eye at a time.

What Causes Flashes & Floaters


Floaters are tiny clumps of material that float around the fluid inside your eyes, called the vitreous. They come between the light entering your pupil and the retina, casting shadows onto your field of vision.

Most of the time, floaters are few and far between and a completely natural occurrence within your eyes. However, if a sudden rise of floaters appears in your vision, this can be an early sign of a more serious condition.


The gel-like fluid inside your eye can sometimes pull or push on the retina, depending on a varying range of issues. However, as the vitreous pushes and pulls, your brain will see those motions as quick flashes of light.

An example of what flashes look like is to close your eyes and gently rub across the eyelid. The grey-white lights seen are what flashes look like.

When are Flashes & Floaters Serious?

Sometimes, a sudden flurry of flashes will appear in your eyes and will decrease after about 10 minutes, followed by a severe headache. These types of flashes are known as migraine flashes, and are harmless to your vision, albeit uncomfortable.

However, if you get a sudden series of flashes with a corresponding rise in floaters in your vision, contact Vision Care Centre for an emergency exam, as this could be symptomatic of a retinal tear

If part of your vision blacks out, but you can still “see” flashes, this may be an eye emergency, and an immediate appointment is recommended.

At Vision Care Centre, we are here to help protect and preserve your vision.

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