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The Key to Great Lifelong Eye Health is an Early Start

Your children’s eyes are one of the most active parts of their bodies that develop rapidly. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, 25% of school-aged children experience problems with their vision.

80% of learning is visual, and 20% of learning disabilities result from learning-related vision problems that stem from poor eye-to-brain communication.

At Vision Care Centre, we assess more than just sight. Dr. Ramesh, our neuro-visual optometrist, wants to understand how the brain and eyes are communicating. Our pediatric eye exams use specific measures to ensure babies and toddlers are meeting developmental milestones, and their behaviours are understood.

Eye health is often overlooked with children, but eye health and prevention are just as crucial for children as adults. We can demonstrate what your child can see but also investigate how your child performs at school.

Regular eye exams are as important as yearly physicals and dental examinations to detect and correct these vision issues as soon as possible. Vision Care Centre optometrists are specially trained and certified to provide first-class eye care for children of any age.

When to Have Your Child’s Eyes Examined

A child’s eyes change far more rapidly than adult eyes. For that reason alone, early intervention and detection of issues are essential for effective treatment. As every child is different, only your optometrist can set a specific schedule of exams. However, as a rough guideline:

Infants and toddlers (birth to 24 months) – A preliminary examination on or before 9 months of age should be conducted

Preschool age (2 to 4 years) – An examination before the age of 4 is important to detect any early signs of eye diseases that are more prone in children than adults

School-age to teenage (5 to 19 years) – We recommend at age 5, annual exams begin.

Many children can develop very subtle vision issues that may not be readily apparent but can cause serious problems if not treated early and effectively. As well, some eye diseases are more common in children, and the detection of such conditions is vital to prevent possible vision impairment or issues later in life.

What Does the Exam Consist Of?

Our “child-friendly” office will help put your child at ease about their upcoming exam. Our optometrists actively engage your children in learning opportunities about how their eyes work and the technology and tools used to perform the exam.

Our optometrists will test:

We also perform full diagnostics to help catch any eye disease as early as possible.

Once the exam is finished, both you and your child can try out our wide selection of fun frames to find a pair of glasses that suits their style. Our opticians are always on hand to help pick the right frames that let your child feel confident in their vision, as well as looking good!

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