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How Does Neurolens Work?

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Eyes aren’t just windows to the soul. They’re integral links in the vast network of signals our complex brain receives. When these signals break down, you can start to experience headaches, neck pain, and eye strain.

This can be most prevalent when working on screens, resulting in a condition called digital eye strain. Fortunately, Neurolens, an innovative glasses design, can offer relief from these painful symptoms. But how does it work?

Neurolens works by helping your eyes function together and reduces the strain that can cause headaches. These special glasses are said to be incredibly effective by many who wear them.

What Is Neurolens?

Neurolens glasses offer an innovative solution for addressing binocular vision dysfunction, a condition where the eyes struggle to cooperate effectively. Normally, each eye transmits slightly different images to the brain, which can then integrate them seamlessly. However, misalignment can cause the brain to exert additional effort on the trigeminal nerve while merging the images.

Even individuals without any apparent alignment issues may encounter difficulties focusing on nearby objects like tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices. Neurolens works to correct these alignment issues.

Unlike conventional glasses which use convex or concave lenses, Neurolens glasses use a contoured prism. This prism aids in realigning your eyes to enhance the coordination between your eyes and brain, promoting clear and harmonious vision.

Neurolenses can be used to treat:

  • Headaches
  • Eye Strain
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eye
  • Light sensitivity

The Science Behind Neurolens

The brilliance of Neurolens lies in its simplicity and efficiency. By aligning with our natural gaze, the technology brings about a remarkable domino effect. It causes your eyes to put less strain on the trigeminal nerve, which is the main nerve that branches through your head. By reducing the pressure on this nerve, you may be less likely to experience headaches, along with many other frustrating symptoms.

This means less fatigue and strain, particularly after the extended use of digital screens. Since Canadians are spending an average of nearly 11 hours at screens per day, that translates to a lot less pain overall.

Can I Benefit from Neurolenses?

We start our assessments with the Lifestyle Index Form. This is a questionnaire that helps you understand your symptoms and what may be causing them. If you score 4 or higher in the first 3 questions or mark “sometimes” in at least 3 questions, Neurolens may be a good fit for you.

If it is, we use the Neurolens Measurement Device (MMD) to assess eye misalignment. This device tells us where the correction is needed by precisely tracking eye movements and focusing power. It takes a few minutes, but we can then personalize your prism lenses.

Neurolens glasses are very effective at relieving discomfort caused by binocular vision dysfunction. Some statistics that demonstrate this include:

  • 93% of users experience relief from symptoms
  • Around 82% of patients with chronic daily headaches report they are substantially reduced after 90 days
  • In one study, 100% of computer vision syndrome sufferers responded positively to Neurolens

It can take some time to get used to Neurolens. This adjustment period is your brain recalibrating to understand the prism lenses. The adjustment period can take a few days or even weeks and wearers may experience some dizziness during this time.

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Our Passion for Neurolens at Vision Care Centre

The adage “knowledge is power” rings true at Vision Care Centre, where education is central to our services. Dr. Kiran Ramesh, our expert in ocular care, brings extensive knowledge as a neuro-visual optometrist and a passion for neuro-visual training.

This experience, matched with our convenient and holistic care, set us apart as Neurolens providers. We precisely identify your vision challenges to craft a customized treatment plan.

Beyond the science, we recognize the vital connection between vision and the world. At Vision Care Centre, we blend revolutionary tools with compassionate care, and Neurolens is just a single part of that.

If you’re struggling with visual discomfort, we’re here to help. Book your appointment today and let’s find out if Neurolens can work for you!

Written by Vision Care Centre

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