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More and more patients are interested in contact lenses over glasses, primarily due to their comfort, appearance, and ease of use. Almost all prescription strengths for glasses can be fit to contact lenses. There are great part-time options for sports, special occasions, or great options for full-time wear.

Some types of contact lenses include:

Check out our Go Glasses Free to determine which types of lenses might be best for you.

What Does a Contact Lens Exam Entail?

Prior to being fit with contact lenses please ensure you have had a comprehensive eye exam within the last year. During your contact lens fitting the doctor will adjust your glasses prescription to a contact lens prescription and choose a contact lens that will fit the shape and size of your eyes.

Ill-fitted contact lenses can be uncomfortable and may even damage your eyes.

Once we find lenses that work best for your eyes, we will teach you how to insert and remove them properly. We will also discuss proper care and give you a pair of trial lenses to evaluate your overall experience over the following week.

Proper Contact Lens Care

It is important to remember to follow proper hygiene practices when handling your contact lenses. Although they are worn for vision correction, they are still medical devices that should be treated with care and consideration.

Some basic guidelines to follow are:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water and completely dry them before touching your contact lenses.
  • Avoid using your fingernails when handling your lenses.
  • Remove, clean, and disinfect your lenses at the intervals prescribed by your optometrist.
  • Do not sleep or nap while wearing your contact lenses.
  • Only use contact solutions and eye drops as prescribed by your optometrist.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have to ensure you feel comfortable and happy.

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