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Dry eye disease is very common in Canada, affecting nearly one in three people to varying degrees of severity. While many of the less severe forms of dry eyes can be treated with over the counter eye drops, severe dry eye does require medical intervention. Many Canadians may be unaware they have severe dry eyes, and remain undiagnosed.

Primary contributing factors to dry eye disease are environmental issues such as altitude, air condition, excessive airborne particles (dust, etc), and second-hand smoke. High blood pressure and some anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medications are known to be contributing factors. Diseases such as diabetes, sjorgren’s syndrome, parkinson’s, thyroid issues, and auto-immune disease are also known to be contributing factors.

Common symptoms are aching and burning on or in the eye, sharp stinging sensations on the eye, excessive eye watering, light sensitivity, sticky tears, swollen eyelids, and general eye fatigue. Book an appointment with your Vision Care Centre Optometrist today if you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms. More severe forms of dry eyes do require a prescription strength eye drop for effective relief and treatment.

Written by Vision Care Centre

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