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The Effect of Concussions on Vision

A man with a concussion with a bandage on his head.

Concussions, though often associated with symptoms like headaches and dizziness, also have the potential to significantly affect one’s vision. Concussions can impact visual health if parts of the brain involved in vision are damaged or injured.  If left untreated, the changes to your vision can begin to affect day-to-day activities. Your eye doctor can perform […]

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How Does Neurolens Work?

A young woman smiling and trying on glasses in a store while being assisted by an optician or optometrist

Eyes aren’t just windows to the soul. They’re integral links in the vast network of signals our complex brain receives. When these signals break down, you can start to experience headaches, neck pain, and eye strain. This can be most prevalent when working on screens, resulting in a condition called digital eye strain. Fortunately, Neurolens, […]

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Forma Dry Eye Treatment: How it Works?

A woman undergoing Forma dry eye treatment.

Dry eyes are a common issue for many patients. Thankfully, your eye doctor can diagnose and treat this condition. They can recommend treatments to help provide long-term symptom relief, like Forma.  Forma treatment uses radiofrequency to help reduce dry eye symptoms. Warming the eyelids helps restore function to your tears by unblocking your meibomian glands, […]

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IPL Dry Eye Treatment: What to Expect?

A woman with eyes closed rubbing her left eye with her left hand.

Dry eyes are not merely an occasional inconvenience; they can significantly impact the quality of your daily life. They’re a challenge that requires specialized care and attention. So, if you’ve been searching for relief, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy could be your answer. IPL dry eye treatment uses precise pulses of light to melt blockages […]

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What Are the Benefits of Vision Therapy?

A woman in a sweater undergoing vision therapy conducted by an eye doctor.

Vision therapy is an innovative approach to improving the function of your eyes and visual system. It is an effective, non-invasive, and long-term solution to many visual perception problems. We develop a customized treatment plan in vision therapy to cater to your specific needs. The program may include vision exercises, prism lenses, filters, and other […]

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Dry Eyes in Winter? Treatment & Causes

A young woman in a winter coat rubbing her left eye with her left hand.

Winter is a beautiful season with its chilly breezes and snowflakes falling from the sky. But for some people, winter can also be the season for dry and itchy eyes. The winter air can make your eyes feel dry and uncomfortable, leading to irritation, redness, and itching. Dry eyes in winter can happen to anyone, […]

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Ortho-K Lenses & Myopia Relief

A hand holding an Orthokeratology lens within a container holder.

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses are specialty contacts designed for myopia control in children and young adults. They’re worn overnight and gently reshape the cornea to change how light reflects inside the eye, reducing the need for glasses during the day. They have also been shown to slow myopia progression by about 41–45% in children aged 7–13. […]

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