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Cataracts happen to most people with age and are most often found in patients over 60. Cataracts affect 95 million people across the globe and are considered the leading cause of visual impairment worldwide.

The lens of the eye hardens as it loses its flexibility, which can lead to clouding. This clouding prevents light from reaching the retina, and has been described as “looking through a foggy window.”

Why Do Cataracts Occur?

Cataracts are considered the leading cause of vision loss in Canada, accounting for more than 2.5 million Canadians suffering from vision impairment. They are considered an age-related condition that develops due to the lens in the eye becoming cloudy and less flexible.

Cataracts can develop in anyone of any lifestyle. However, some risk factors have been clinically associated with a higher possibility of developing cataracts:

  • Increasing age
  • Diabetes
  • Prolonged exposure to Uv rays
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Previous eye injury
  • Excess alcohol use

Although there is no clear evidence on what can be done to prevent cataracts, you can slow their growth with proper UV protection and a healthy diet. Foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants have also been shown to reduce the progression of cataracts.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts are very unpredictable. They may develop slowly over a few years, or very quickly over the course of a few months. Early signs of cataracts include:

  • Reduced visual acuity
  • “Halos” appearing around lights or bright objects
  • Glare in vision, such as headlights
  • Reduced night vision
  • Loss of contrast sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Colour bleed, with colours merging into one another

If you experience any or all of these symptoms, please schedule an eye exam immediately so that we can diagnose the cataract and provide you with treatment options.

Cataract Treatment

Cataracts can be treated effectively through surgery. Cataract removal surgery is a safe, routine procedure performed to remove and replace the clouded lens in your eye.

Cataract surgery is generally considered to be low-risk and is performed as day surgery under local anesthetic. The procedure typically takes around 30 minutes, and your vision should improve within a few days.

After your surgery, our Vision Care Centre optometrists will monitor your condition with regular follow-ups and exams. The standard schedule is a two week, and a one month follow up to determine the effectiveness of the surgery and to counter any complications.

At the one month follow up, your eye health should be stable enough to measure your new prescription, and at that point, we will recommend replacing your current glasses or contacts with new ones. Almost everyone will still need some form of vision correction following cataract surgery.

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