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The Power & Importance of Vision Therapy for Correcting Eye Alignment & Convergence Problems in Children

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Vision therapy is something that we are proud to offer our community. As leaders in this space, we believe that Neuro Visual Training is an underutilized tool that can help many kids not only look and see better, but also to improve their self-esteem and academic performance.

If your child has an eye alignment problem – such as strabismus or amblyopia – you likely already know that Neuro Visual Training is an effective process for correcting the concern. However, Neuro Visual Training also has tremendous benefits for other areas of vision deficiency, and among children with convergence insufficiency in particular.

A Brief Overview of How Vision Therapy Works

Vision therapy is a non-surgical process that involves challenging the visual system with exercises and materials designed to improve the mind/organ connection, correct eye alignment, encourage eye teaming, and improve vision processing and comprehension.

Specialized tests and exercises are completed in both at-home and in-office (optometrist supervised) sessions.

How VIsion Therapy Benefits Eye Alignment & Convergence Problems

Eye alignment conditions can have serious ramifications on a child. Without correction, conditions like amblyopia and strabismus can have profoundly negative implications for correction, including vision loss in the affected eye.

Vision therapy addresses eye alignment problems by teaching the brain how to properly utilize the affected eye. This is done through several mechanisms:

  1. Exercises designed to teach the brain to better utilize the weaker eye – In most cases of eye misalignment, the condition gets progressively worse because the brain favors the sensory input from the stronger eye. Specialized exercises teach the brain to use the weaker eye more often- this strengthens the weaker eye’s focusing muscles and communication pathways with the brain, improving its ability to see.
  2. Eye teaming exercises – These exercises teach the eyes to work together, reducing the effect the dominant eye has on vision. In order for someone to enjoy the best vision possible, the eyes must work together as a team.

Vision Therapy & Convergence Insufficiency (CI)

Until relatively recently, convergence insufficiency (CI) has very little visibility in the public eye. However, recent research and studies are bringing increased visibility on both CI and its treatments.

CI is the leading cause of eye strain, blurred vision, double vision, and eye strain related headaches in Canada. It influences someone’s ability to see up close and makes normal tasks, such as reading or using a computer, challenging (almost impossible for some).

A recent study by the American National Eye Institute has proven that in-office Neuro Visual Training is the best way to correct CI and improve visual acuity in those that have it.

Bring Your Child To Us for Effective Vision Therapy

As leaders in the GTA for Neuro Visual Training, our focus is to develop an effective therapy program that improves the eyes visual function and ability. While effective for anyone, Neuro Visual Training is particularly powerful for infants and young children.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment for your child to learn more about how Neuro Visual Training may benefit them.

Written by Vision Care Centre

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