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What Are the Benefits of Vision Therapy?

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Vision therapy is an innovative approach to improving the function of your eyes and visual system. It is an effective, non-invasive, and long-term solution to many visual perception problems. We develop a customized treatment plan in vision therapy to cater to your specific needs.

The program may include vision exercises, prism lenses, filters, and other vision aids. Vision therapy can provide a holistic approach that not only corrects visual problems but also improves overall visual function, enhances learning, and supports healthy concussion recovery.

An assessment with our dedicated optometrists can help you harness your visual system to improve your quality of life, work, and sport.

What Can Vision Therapy Do?

Problems with vision can profoundly affect every area of your life, from work to school and leisurely hobbies. Vision therapy has a vast scope and can help improve unique vision concerns in people of all ages.

Our optometrists can perform vision therapy to address a range of concerns, including:

  • Sports vision
  • Post-concussion, stroke, or motor vehicle accident
  • Children with strabismus and amblyopia
  • Students who struggle to read and focus
  • People with attention and productivity problems

Improve Visual Acuity

Vision therapy improves your eyes’ ability to look closely and far away. It increases your visual acuity, which can reduce uncomfortable symptoms like:

Vision therapy addresses refractive errors, focusing problems, and eye teaming difficulties. By engaging in a series of exercises that target these problems, you can experience significant improvements in your vision.

Enhance Eye Coordination & Tracking

Poor eye coordination and tracking can lead to difficulty in reading, writing, and other visual tasks. Vision therapy aims to correct these problems by training both eyes to work together.

Children with dyslexia or ADHD can benefit greatly from vision therapy, as vision problems can often be misdiagnosed as an attention disorder.

Improve Visual Perception

A woman happily reading a book while sitting on a couch.

In vision therapy, you can improve visual perception, enabling enhanced:

  • Recognition of letters, numbers, and shapes
  • Reading abilities
  • Visual information processing

It can help individuals better understand what they see and how to interpret what they see. The therapy can also improve visualization and memory skills, which are essential for learning, sports, and everyday activities.

Prevent & Reduce Strabismus or Amblyopia

Strabismus (crossed eyes) is a condition that makes the eyes look in different directions. It can lead to symptoms like:

  • Double vision
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty with depth perception
  • Poor convergence

Vision therapy can help improve eye alignment, which can prevent and reduce the severity of strabismus. It can also assist you avoid surgery, as treatment may be enough to correct the problem.

Amblyopia (lazy eye) can also be improved with an individualized therapy program to re-establish binocular vision function.

Eye Exercises to Improve Your Vision

Simple at-home eye exercises can alleviate eye strain and support comfortable vision. These exercises can easily be incorporated into your daily routine with little effort. However, to get a personalized plan with exercises curated for your visual system, get an assessment with Vision Care Centre.

Focus Shifting Exercise

This exercise helps to improve your eye flexibility and focus. Choose and focus on a distant object for a few seconds, then shift your focus to an object closer to you. Continue to turn your focus between the objects, increasing the speed gradually.

Do this exercise for a few minutes, 3-4 times daily.

Eye Scanning Exercise

This exercise helps to improve eye movement and flexibility. Find an object with many details, such as a book or a painting. Trace your eyes slowly over the details of the object, moving your eyes up, down, and around in a figure-8 pattern.

Do this exercise for 30 seconds in each direction.

20-20-20 Rule

When you’re doing sustained near work at the computer, reading a book, or doing a task with lots of detail, rest your eyes. Every 20 minutes, find an object 20 feet away and look at it for 20 seconds.

You can do this exercise multiple times a day to improve your focus and reduce eye strain.

Discover the Benefits of Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a powerful tool in treating vision problems holistically. It aims to correct visual issues through a tailored treatment plan, improving visual acuity, eye coordination, and tracking.

Our optometrists at Vision Care Centre are dedicated to helping children succeed in the classroom, assisting athletes hone their visual skills, and supporting healthy brain injury healing. Schedule an appointment to start treating your vision problems, not just your sight problems.

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