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How Vision Therapy Can Help With Recovering From a Concussion

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Research has indicated that over 50% of people with concussions (or post-concussion syndrome) experience visual problems like double vision, eyestrain or eye pain. It’s good to know, then, that Neuro Visual Training can help with recovering from a concussion!

As if getting smacked in the head isn’t bad enough, concussions can really mess with our sight and these symptoms can last for weeks, or even months, after the event.

Vision therapy usually involves training the brain to improve our vision skills or correcting sight-based problems. Let’s see how Neuro Visual Training can help you recover from a concussion.

Vision Problems Associated With Concussions

Since the vast majority of concussions do not coincide with a loss of consciousness, it can be very difficult to diagnose, and therefore treat, many head injuries. If you experience any of the visual symptoms linked to a concussion, you should visit our practice for an exam. For many people, symptoms will linger for a while but pose no long-term threat to your vision; for those less fortunate, a little self-persuasion might be required.

How Can Visual Therapy Help?

Every visual therapy program is different from the next, but each involves various stages of non-surgical therapeutic procedures. With specific objectives in mind, the patient will perform targeted exercises and activities which should, over time, help correct vision problems.

Rather than simply waiting and hoping for symptoms to disappear, Neuro Visual Training aims to actively engage the brain in cognitive and carefully introduced vestibular and visual therapy. It involves creating scenarios and exercises which retrain the brain.

For example, if a person was struggling with double vision, then the therapist might design a host of exercises and situations which challenge the brain and encourage it to put the two images together. Over time, it is intended that the brain will ‘learn’ how to see a complete image, thus accelerating the healing process.

Does it Work?

It is often stated that both motivation and compliance are required from patients of Neuro Visual Training. Armed with that desire to improve their visual deficiency, patients can see great improvements in their ability to read and function on a daily basis.

The focus of Neuro Visual Training is on the brain, not on the eyes. Once we have diagnosed your condition, we will take whichever steps are necessary to facilitate your recovery. Depending on the specific concussion, there may be surgical or medicinal options which can help restore your normal vision.

Like all therapeutic practices, the results of Neuro Visual Training vary from person to person. Either way, there’s nothing to lose by trying.

Written by Vision Care Centre

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