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A Quick Guide to Choosing Your Next Pair of Sunglasses

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It’s mid-July, and it’s hot! Another bright, humid summer is here and that means many people all over the GTA are flocking to the beaches, waterparks, and cottages to enjoy a respite from the heat.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, you want to make sure your eyes are protected. Last month we talked about the effects that UV light has on our eyes, and as you know, the Sun is the largest source of UV in the solar system.

Good Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes & Look Great Doing It

Everyone knows that a good pair of sunglasses will help you enjoy the outdoors more. Reducing harsh glare and restricting how much light can enter our eyes improves outdoor comfort immensely. More than that, a good pair of sunglasses will help keep your eyes healthy.

Choose Sunglasses That Are UV-Blocking

All quality pairs of sunglasses will carry a UV-blocking rating. This rating should be for at least 99% of UVB and 95% of UVA rays. All the sunglasses we carry come with such a rating.

The UV-blocking rating is sometimes displayed as “UV 400” (or similar). This means that these glasses block wavelengths of light up to 400nm. For perspective, UV light exists in the 100nm-400nm range.

Pick the Right Shape for Your Face

Everyone’s face is a little different. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, look for shapes that compliment your facial structure and jawline. If you are unsure, one of our sunglass experts would be happy to help you choose.

Some quick rules for different face shapes:

  • Round face – Faces that are rounded benefit from frames that have square or angular designs. The shape of the glasses will bring balance to the face, ensuring they (and you) look great.
  • Square face – If your face is square, look for sunglasses that are rounded. Again, this balances the face and looks great.
  • Oval face – Almost any shape and style of glasses will compliment an oval face shape. So much selection!

Choose Sunglasses That Are Built for Your Intended Application

Not all sunglasses are built equally. A pair of sports-oriented sunglasses from Adidas are going to be built very differently compared to fashion-centric frames from Gucci. This doesn’t mean Adidas sunglasses are “better”- they’re simply meant for different applications.

Consider when you will be wearing your sunglasses and ensure that the pair you choose will stand up to how you intend to enjoy them.

Written by Vision Care Centre

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