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Transitions Lenses Can Make Any Pair of Frames a Great Pair of Sunglasses

Transition lenses - lenses that become darker when exposed to sunlight - are not a new invention. First released in the 1960s, they have become increasingly sophisticated in the five decades since their introduction. Many people require prescription eyeglasses to correct their vision. This same prescription applies to any type…

Published: 2016-05-16Read Article
Eye Allergies

Dealing With Eye Allergies: How to Find Relief From Your Symptoms For many people, the coming of spring and summer also mean the coming of seasonal allergies. It can make the warm weather bittersweet, as seasonal allergy symptoms make people miserable despite the beautiful weather outside. In Canada, it is…

Published: 2016-04-15Read Article

Many common allergens can affect the eyes, including pollen, animal fur and dander, and food-related allergies. On the surface of the eye, between the eyelid and the eye, a special type of mucus protects the eye from many microscopic particles. However, if a particle does make it through this mucus,…

Published: 2016-02-03Read Article
Dry Eye

Dry eye disease is very common in Canada, affecting nearly one in three people to varying degrees of severity. While many of the less severe forms of dry eyes can be treated with over the counter eye drops, severe dry eye does require medical intervention. Many Canadians may be unaware…

Published: 2016-02-03Read Article
AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration)

AMD is a deterioration of the macula, a small area of the retina where the “straight ahead” focus of your vision lies. As the eyes age, the cells in the macula, known as cone cells, start to deteriorate. Should enough cells suffer damage, central vision can become blurry or even…

Published: 2016-02-03Read Article