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Children's Eye Exams

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The Key to Great Lifelong Eye Health is an Early Start.

The Importance of Regular Exams

As children grow, eyes are some of the most dynamic parts of their bodies to develop. A recent Canadian Association of Optometrists’ report revealed that one in four school children experience problems with their vision.

Many of these problems may not present in the form as poor vision, but as poor use of the two eyes as a team, and therefore, go undetected. Regular eye exams are as important as yearly physicals and dental examinations to detect and correct these vision issues as soon as possible.

Vision Care Centre optometrists are specially trained and certified to provide first class eye care for children of any age with either vision or binocular vision problems

Vision and Learning

To a child, their vision is everything. Learning to read, write, add, subtract, run, play… all of it depends on clear vision and eyes that work well to pass information to the brain. Vision difficulties can affect each aspect of a child’s development in multiple ways.

Delays in learning and development can have wide ranging effects, from impacting confidence in ability to academic difficulty in the formative years of a child’s schooling.

Early Detection is Vital

A child’s eyes change far more rapidly than adult eyes. For that reason alone, early intervention and detection of issues is essential for effective treatment.

Our Optometrists will test hand eye coordination, peripheral (side) vision, color blindness and color vision, far and near sight, motor (hand-eye) coordination, depth perception, and the ability to focus and track specific objects. We also perform full diagnostics to help catch any eye disease as early as possible.

A Fun and Educational Experience

Our “child friendly” office will help put your child at ease about their upcoming exam. Our Optometrists actively engage your children in learning opportunities about how their eyes work and the technology and tools used to perform the exam.

Wide Selection of Youth Frames Available

Once the exam is finished, both you and your child can try out our wide selection of fun frames to find a pair of glasses that suits their own individual style. Our opticians are always on hand to help pick the right frames that let your child feel confident in their vision, as well as looking good!

Important Information About Children’s Eye Exams:

How often should my child be examined?

As every child is different, only your Optometrist can set a specific schedule of exams. However, as a rough guideline:

  • Infants and toddlers (birth to 24 months) – A preliminary examination on or before 9 months of age should be conducted
  • Preschool age (2 to 4 years) – An examination before the age of 4 is important to detect any early signs of eye diseases that are more prone in children than adults
  • School age to teenage (5 to 19 years) – We recommend that at age 5, annual exams begin.
Why is a child's exam so important?

Many children can develop very subtle vision issues that may not be readily apparent, but can cause serious issues if not treated early and effectively. As well, some eye diseases are more prone in children, and detection of such diseases are vital to prevent possible vision impairment or issues later in life.

Neuro-Visual Training Testimonials

  • Before beginning my therapy at Vision Care Centre, I frequently struggled with my vision. As a university student, reading and taking notes in lectures were a significant struggle and using my glasses caused great distress. Headaches and motion sickness were very common with and without the use of my glasses. On a routine check-up with Dr. Ramesh, I communicated my concerns and was quickly enrolled in the neuro-visual training program. My wonderful neuro-visual trainer, Kelley would provide me with comprehensive tasks that would both challenge and help me develop understanding and control of my vision. I no longer use my glasses, suffer from headaches or motion sickness and have great confidence in my vision.

    Ben M.

  • We want to thank you very much for all your hard work that went into Alicia's Neuro-Visual Therapy. It has opened Alicia's ability to do so much more both personally and in school, and what means most to us as her parent, we see how confident Alicia is in herself and in her school work. She was always falling down a lot and she always had her head tilted to one side. Now she is focused to get her tasks done on time and the best part, correctly...

    Craig and Nadine P.

  • I would like to thank you and Cristina for working with my son over the past year. They have not only trained his eyes but they provided him with a sense of confidence in his abilities. When we first came for our check up it was only mentioned on the side that his reading was regressing...We knew it had to do with some of his Chronic Lyme Treatment and we did not want things to get worse... We will be forever grateful that our son will not be another statistic of "lost kids" in the school system being medicated to manage behavioral issues which would have undoubtedly arisen the worse his eyes got.

    Sarah S.

  • Before eye therapy school was hard and not fun. School is now easy and I look forward to go to school every day. Eye therapy has helped me be more focused. Eye therapy has taught me how to read, write and learn in a different and better way. Thank you for all your help.

    Chloe T. Age 11

  • I thought overall it was a very fun and difficult experience, the people I worked with are very nice and patient people and around me that’s tough so I would like to thank you a lot it helped so much and you will hear about my achievements. Thank you.

    Nicholas F. Age 13

  • The staff at Vision Care Centre has been amazing while Nicholas has been undergoing his vision therapy. They have been incredibly patient while Nicholas was having some difficult weeks. Over the course of therapy, his focus in school has improved, his headaches have lessened and he has started scoring goals in Hockey again. We feel good and are happy with the whole experience.

    Marisa F. (Mother)

  • The 36 week eye therapy program that Hannah has completed has been a very positive experience. The main benefits have been to teach her how to focus her eyes on a specific task and to have her eyes work effectively with the rest of her body. This has improved her reading, effectiveness and focus at school and her hand eye coordination...

    David M. - Read More

  • Dear Dr. Ramesh, I am writing to thank you for your persistence and dedication to my daughter. I am so thankful for encountering such an amazing doctor who truly cares about her patients. Back in 2015 when I brought my daughter in for the first time, I was hysterical and scared...

    Tania T - Read More

  • When I started the program, I had trouble focusing and sitting and doing my work. Since I started the 36 week program, this has changed. I focused on getting better grades than I did in grade 2 (now in grade 3). I have got A’s in all subjects this year. Now I can sit and do my work, I am able to focus and I am not always looking around the room at other things. I used to need a ruler to read, now I don’t and I can read better and faster than I used to. I am doing great and have learned a lot through this experience.

    Hannah M. Age 9

  • Before I started Vision Therapy I would get very bad headaches while taking notes in class or studying. Because of the headaches, I wouldn't be able to study very efficiently for as long as I needed...

    Brooklyn K. Age 18 - Read More

  • Before eye therapy I could not write and did not see words properly. Sometimes the words floated around my paper. After eye therapy reading is easier. I can read in a group and follow along. It is also easier to read the board at school. Eye therapy has really helped me and now I know my b's and d's !! Thankyou

    Ella T. Age 10

  • Dr Ramesh, I cannot thank you you enough for giving both my girls the opportunity to do eye therapy. It has been wonderful to see them go from struggling to self confident. I thank you so much for what you have done for the girls. Sincerely

    Christine T. (Mother)

  • Prior to starting therapy Madison had difficulties with spatial awareness, balance, reading (re-reading), low peer interactions at school and difficulty concentrating at home and at school when doing tasks. Madison had many difficulties...

    Tina S. (Mother) - Read More

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