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Eye Health & Hygiene Products

All Our Eye Wellness Products are Hand Selected by
Dr. Ramesh

When it comes to necessary eye hygiene products like contact solution or lens cleaning wipes, there is no shortage of choice! We have filtered through and picked eye hygiene products that deliver in performance and value.

Unsure of Which Products Are Right For You? We Can Help

Because each person's needs is unique, our staff know our product mix well. When you leave our store, it will be with the right product for your specific need. We carry a range of lens accessories, eye drops, and other eye wellness products. In need of something specific? Give us a call!

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Eye Health & Hygiene Products

Bruders Eye Compress
Fast acting and easy to use, Bruder's Eye Compress helps to naturally replenish moisture and relieve dryness in and around the eye. Using patented MediBeads, a cutting edge technology that continuously absorb and store water from the air itself, the compress will maintain comfortable and effective heat and moisture without needing to be touched up with water. Warm, moist compresses have been clinically shown to help the eye naturally expect bacteria, produce helpful tears, and cleanse harmful oils from the skin around the eye.
Systane Balance
Clinically designed to help restore the natural moisture on your eye, as well as strengthen the lipid layer that keeps moisture in direct contact with the surface of your eye. Systane Balance is the right choice for those that suffer from dry eyes that are a result of increased moisture evaporation from the eye caused by lipid layer deficiency.
Systane Lid Wipes
Specially formulated to be gentle to your sensitive skin and eyes, yet be strong enough to remove oily residue and debris from your eyelids. Systane Lid Wipes, in combination with a proper daily facial hygiene program, have been clinically proven to help improve overall eye health by preventing residue build up that may enter the eye and cause discomfort. Individually wrapped in sterile packaging to ensure the best cleaning your eyelids can get.
Vitalux Advanced
When it comes to eye health, never speculate. Only the industry leader in eye health could design a tablet that no only provides vitamins for overall health, but specifically target the health of your eyes. Containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin to help improve eye health, Vitalux Advanced is specifically formulated to combat most eye diseases and help prevent the onset of Age-related Macular Degeneration, as well as enhance optic nerve health.
Vitalux Healthy Eyes
Vitalux Healthy Eyes is a convenient all in one tablet designed specifically with ocular health in mind. Containing a specially formulated combination of minerals and vitamins, each tablet provides the antioxidants and nutrients that are essential for good eye health, and have been clinically tested and proven to help reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration