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Floaters and Flashes

Have you ever been looking at something bright, such as computer or television screen, and suddenly something seems to float across your vision? Floaters are microscopic particles in the fluid inside your eye, and if they pass between the light entering the front of the eye and the retina at the back of your eye, you can sometimes see them as small dots swimming across your vision without impacting it greatly.

Flashes are when you see a bright flash, almost always at the periphery of your vision, and are usually grey-white in colour. If you close your eyelids tightly, such as during a wide yawn, you may be able to see flashing white lights in your vision. Flashes are caused by pressure in the eye, or by the vitreous fluid in your eye experiencing an issue.

If you have a sudden and noticeable onset of either flashes or floaters, book an appointment with your Vision Care Centre Optometrist immediately to perform an in depth examination of your eyes. Many vision issues cause floaters and/or flashes to appear, and if caught early enough, can be treated to prevent further issues.